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Fat Diminisher Review – Why It Works

Fat Diminisher System Review – How My Life Changed

Hi welcome to my Review of Fat Diminisher. Just so you know, I have been overweight since a very young age. This site will cover my personal experience using the Fat Diminisher System and how I loss weight that I’ve struggled to lose my entire life. No matter what anyone tells you about weight loss, if you follow Fat Diminisher System you will have no other result but weight loss, but you have to actually implement the system.

Fat diminisher Review

What Exactly is Fat Diminisher?

First off my name is Renee Zulkiren. I have struggle with weight loss as long as I can remember. This site is solely based on my experience with Fat Diminisher, your experiences my vary. Fat Diminisher is created by Wesley Virgin an ex military veteran. Not a big fan of the sales video, but it works in it’s own way. I just don’t want you guys getting caught up by the hype of weight loss product sales videos, instead I want you to look pass all of that and focus on the before and after results. So what exactly is Fat Diminisher and does it really work?

Here’s how I got started with Fat Diminisher and why it’s extremely important for you to read my entire story so you can get a solid perspective of how the Fat Diminisher System truly changed my life.

Here is My Story


Back in 2013 at the age of 25, I weighed over 255lbs and was just 5’3″. Every day I took the subway to work and no one would sit next to me. I’ve spent my entire life being a loner with 2-3 friends that I spoke with on monthly basis. One day the A train which is a subway in New York was entirely packed. This young gentleman in a business suit wanted the seat next to me. He was on his phone and he headed straight to me. He kindly asked me to scoot over so he could have a seat. I kindly replied that this is far as I can move over. He promptly said to whomever he was on the phone with that some fat b@tch was taking up 2 seats on the train. That was embarrassing enough, but he did not stop there. He hung up his phone and started ripping into me real good. After about 5 minutes of him tearing into me, everyone was laughing at me. He called me every name in the book, told me I was too fat to ride the train and if he ever saw me again he would deflate my fat ass. Not sure if you’ve ever been to Queens New York, but the subways are the main mode of transportation.

I was so upset after that one encounter that I started to suffer from anxiety, depression, and lack of sleep. 2 week later I ran into him again, this time he threw a half dozen eaten donuts at me. As the donuts fell to the floor, he said I bet she’ll eat them, I really wanted to. But tried to stay strong but broke out crying. That only made matters worse. He then told everyone i was leaking gravy.

That was the last time I rode the A train. I loss my job, all confidence to leave the house and the will to live. Spent the next 3 months trying to find the best weight loss solutions and fastest working diet pills. I tried everything. In most causes my depression got worse and I ended up gaining more weight.

At a rapid pace I started to approach suicide. My mom was very supportive and just kept pushing me to keep trying and God hasn’t given up me, so neither should I. So I took my mom’s advice and spent 2 more months looking for solution to my weight loss problem. Then finally I came across fatdiminisher.com was impressed with the system but had already decided that this system wouldn’t work for me. None the less, I decided to give it a try. Now this became one of my biggest regrets. With Fat Diminisher, you have to put in the work. I’ve never been one to really take action and even at my last job I would barely make my deadlines. I procrastinated at every level, at every turn and kept putting off exercising. Main reason I was overweight in the first place. Losing weight and eating healthy has never been a priority to me. I preferred to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Double cheeseburgers at 2am where my favorite snack. Slept like a baby.

Fat Diminisher System Review

Finally Took Fat Diminisher System Serious

After owning the Fat Diminisher System for about 4 months without taking action, I finally did. I weighed 285lbs at this time and when I stepped on the scale, those were the 3 most painful numbers I’ve ever saw. This was officially the heaviest I ever gotten and my breaking point.

I grabbed my laptop, went to my room, at the time my parents basement, and went through all the training in Fat Diminisher. After going through the system several times, reviewing everything I’d learn and constantly taking notes, I finally decided to put the Fat Diminisher System to work.

Fat Diminisher Review – The Truth Hurts

After my first week, I was so discouraged. Started eating right, started to exercise, but weight exactly the same as when I started. I prayed to God for motivation and results to keep going. Sure enough I didn’t give up nor did I step on the scale for the following 3 weeks. I did everything I learned and most importantly, I slept a minimum of 8 hours a night. I ate right, I exercised to the best of my ability which was pretty sad, but I stayed motivated and I kept pushing through. After 8 weeks of dedication and massive action taking, I loss over 30 pounds of fat using the Fat Diminisher System. I was so overwhelmed and proud that I broke down crying. At age 25 I had never had a boyfriend before, no clue how to talk to men whatsoever. So I kept pushing and kept following the Diminisher System plan step by step, no shortcuts and continued to track my progress. Here’s another video of me below.


At that point in my journey I was still over weight and continued to push forward. After a year of using the Fat Diminisher System I loss over 130 pounds! I have never felt better in my life. My mom believed in me throughout the entire process.

Fat Diminisher Review – Final Conclusion

Fast forward a few years later. I’m in a happy relationship with a really cute guy. The best part is he knows me struggle, he also had weight problems as well. Said he wished that he had found the Fat Diminisher System, life would of been a lot easier. But we’re both in good shape, we have successful careers, and we’re in love! Now talk about a happy ending! I owe to Wesley Virgin and The Fat Diminisher. Thank you guys so much for checking out my entire Fat Diminisher Review and my life story. Words can’t express how much this means to me. There’s one last thing before you go, don’t forget to check out Fat Diminisher HERE. Click that link to get my official Fat Diminisher Discount and all my bonus materials.

Fat Diminisher Table of Contents Sneak Peak

Fat Diminisher Table of Contents Preview

There are a few more chapters, but this gives you a good idea of the kind of journey that is ahead of you when you get Fat Diminisher. Here are a few more Fat Diminisher samples.

Fat Diminisher Sneak Peak Crystal

Fat Diminisher Sneak Peak Bill

Hope this helps you make an educated decision if Fat Diminisher is right for you. Good luck.

Fat Diminisher System Review Final Thoughts…

After solid devotion and motivation at the highest level. I have been very successful using the Fat Diminisher System. I lost over a total of 165 since using this system and couldn’t be happier. I’m in the best shape of my life, no more 2am cheeseburgers, no more midnight snacks in my night stand. Fat Diminisher has literally changed my life, I can’t stress this enough.

You may have gone through some of the things that I have gone through. Being fat shamed and search for solution to lose weight fast. No matter what I did I ended up gaining weight instead. I am still in shock even after all this time how well this system work. Weight loss has been my hardest journey. It got so bad with anxiety and depression that i completely gave up on life. No matter what system I used nothing seemed to work. If I had just given up, I would of been dead or suffering from severe health problems. By the grace of God and my mom giving me the motivation I need to drop that weight, I succeeded. Stress is the number reason next to over eating, poor diet and exercise. When you get in a position or situation similar to what I went through where all of those things are combined, it’s nearly impossible to succeed with weight loss.

You are your own worse enemy. Please, don’t give up on yourself. It is very important that you understand just how important it is not to give up on yourself. Losing weight is one of the hardest things I attempted to do. Wanted to just give up at every turn. But I continued to push forward. Start walking, then start running, start eating right, start sleeping right, stop making excuses. Thank you for checking out my full Fat Diminisher Review.


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